Wedding Tip Wednesday #18

It’s Wednesday and time for another wedding tip!!
Tip #18
When you are getting your dress altered, make sure you can sit in it before they make the dress smaller. You want to be able to move around and be comfortable.

Graci, 3rd Birthday Photo Session

Graci is 3!! And she is just so stickin cute! Ever since I was given a couple vintage suitcases I has been thinking about doing photos like this. I did a slightly more vintage edit on these to really fit with the feel I wanted them to give off and I would love to know what you all think. 

Wedding Tip Wednesday #16

Another Wedding tip Wednesday coming your way!!
Ask your caterer to pack up food for the two of you. You might not have enough time to eat and be will glad you have the leftovers when you leave.

Wedding Tip Wedding #15

Wedding tip Wednesday #15. I’m kind of proud of myself for keeping this series going!

If you are looking to save money on the reception then plan your wedding for the middle afternoon so you don’t have to serve a full sit down dinner.

Wedding Wednesday Tip #14

Yay! Here is another Wedding Tip Wednesday


Most of the time your wedding shoes are brand-new so be sure to rub the bottom of them with sandpaper to de-slick the soles. There is nothing worst than feeling like you are going to fall down on your big day.

Wedding Tip Wednesday #13

It’s wedding tip Wednesday! 😍❤
Stay away from dairy, which is a natural inflammatory, for 3 days leading up to your wedding day to de-bloat naturally. You will feel amazing when you step into your dress.

Wedding Tip Wednesday #12

Welcome to my first Wedding Tip Wednesday! Yes I stated the cards at #12 but was only because it seemed like a cooler thing to do LOL!

Tip #12

Go and get you a new perfume for your day, it is a great way to capture the day’s memories. Every time you smell the fragrance, your mind will go back to your special day.