Graci, 3rd Birthday Photo Session

Graci is 3!! And she is just so stickin cute! Ever since I was given a couple vintage suitcases I has been thinking about doing photos like this. I did a slightly more vintage edit on these to really fit with the feel I wanted them to give off and I would love to know what you all think. 

How To Get Children To Take Better Photos

So we talked about how you can take a better photo as far as the actual look and quality of the photo but let’s talk about how to get kids to cooperate in a photo.
This is not as much of an issue for older kids but could still apply somewhat. For younger kids, it’s all about giving them something to do, whether that’s holding something, looking at something, or thinking about something. If you can get their mind off of the fact that the cameras in their face and onto something else then you are more likely to get them to cooperate and give you a real smile.

Things I do with my own girls include:

  1. Think about something that happened that was really funny. If you can think of the example, start telling it yourself.
  2. Tell them to look at each other and try not to laugh. This can give you some super sweet candid looks.
  3. Is there a bird (or whatever you think they want to see) on mom’s head?!! Saying this makes them look towards the camera and most of the time mine laugh because of course there isn’t but it’s funny to think about. Bonus points though if you actually do put something on your head!
  4. Tell them to say macaroni and cheese as loud as they can.

As they do each of these things the first couple pictures may look a little awkward and not be their real smile/look, but if you will do a burst mode and take three or four in a row you will find that by the third and the fourth you’re getting natural smiles or looks.
Don’t forget to check out my blog post (Here) on how to take better Easter photos and also get your free pdf (Here) download and don’t forget to send your photos to me for editing at!!